Ok, with a name like ours, what do we say?

“Hi. We are the Strange family.”

Uh, that won’t do.

When we get introduced that way, at least everyone pays attention and looks!

It’s best to simply say, “Hi, we are Chris and Lynne Strange.”

I’m not sure just why we thought we need to start a blog except we can glorify our God and exalt Christ, our Savior through this new tool.

And what an amazing God we have! He has certainly had us on one incredible journey and we so appreciate His willingness to continue working with us and using us as we grow in Him.

Chris plunged into service with youth work as we moved about the US while still in the corporate world. He was a contract manager for hospitals for 18 years before leaving that to work full time in ministry. After ordination, Chris served the Lord as youth and college director in our sending church in Virginia.

Lynne served alongside in the teen ministry and college women’s ministry. The Lord began to move us in the direction of field work and brought us through extensive training for cross cultural ministry through New Tribes Mission in the United Kingdom and the States. We hit the Philippine field in 2002 and continue the journey here but have brief forays into the other side of the world too.

We began serving in the main office in the capital city of the nation for six months before entering into language and cultural studies in two different cities on the southern island of Mindanao. We moved into the incredible work He is doing among the Banwaon people, living among them and worshiping the Lord with them. Still clinging to His hand, we are being led into additional field wide ministries beginning October 2009. Praise God with us as He continues to mold us in the image of His Son, stretching us as we grow and follow Him.

God has blessed and encouraged us beyond measure! We are in our new ministry positions and open to opportunities for ministry around us. We are mosty settled into our home and learning the culture around us in the beautiful land of West Virginia.

It’s been in incredible blessing to visit with so many who faithfully pray and support our ministry. It’s amazing to hear from you and how you are led to pray for us as we move on in our ministry here in West Virginia. Chris has one year under his belt as administrator of Mercer Christian Academy. God has stretched him like a rubberband and I’m running to catch up with him as he dives into the academic world of Christian Education. We sincerely rejoice as we hear about your love for the Filipino people and how you’ve faithfully prayed for them by name! Our Banwaon brothers and sisters pray for you too!

If you are led to pray for our family, we have two sons, a beautiful daughter in law and two fabulous granddaughters living in the US. We’ve missed them terribly and appreciate prayers for each of us to draw closer to Him each day. They each have an incredible journey of their own and need as many praying for them as God directs! As you pray for Chris and I, please remember specifically that we are looking to the Lord for our next direction of ministry. We know He will make clear His plan for us, so direct your prayers toward our being sensitive and close to our Father to hear it!

Thank you for checking out this blog – take a moment to check out the contact page and shoot us an email. We read every one!


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