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Precious Gifts from the Lord


I woke up this morning to check email and found this friendly photo in my inbox. It did my heart good to see these smiling faces of the missionary ladies on Mindanao. They shared that during their prayer time they prayed for my upcoming surgery and for me. No photo, but our co-workers in our village shared that our brothers and sisters there are praying too!

How precious is the gift of friends – rather, family – brothers and sisters in the Lord. I thank the Lord for each of you.

Eye Will Trust Him

article-new_ehow_images_a06_52_fd_corneal-ulcers-laser-eye-surgery-800x800News Flash: Surgery
I thought my doctor would tell me I had to start wearing glasses… but he didn’t. At his little news flash, my mind went into overdrive and the challenges began.

You need surgery on your right eye. It’s a complicated procedure where three tiny instruments are inserted inside your eye to fix the problem – removal of an ERM (wait! what did he mean by TINY? – THREE???) but we do this surgery often and with great results. First we remove the jelly that shapes your eyeball…,” he continued on but now my ears were not working any better than my right eye. 

My mind quit and the prayers began. Lord, help me realize that you have this in your plan for me. Lord, help me trust the doctors. Lord, help me not chicken out and call the whole thing off. Lord remind me that I am trusting You and when I fear, then I’m not anymore.

I’ve had some stupid moments like when I looked up the surgery on YouTube. Another one when I started googling wildly colored eye patches thinking I’d skip the surgery and just wear a patch the rest of my life – actually thinking that might be a plan.

I’ve had some wonderful moments when folk have reminded me how much my Father loves me and how much they love me too. My wonderful husband encourages me all day and makes me laugh to take my mind off the whole thing (I’m so much braver when he’s having surgery). My precious daughter in law sent me an audio book to listen to afterwards.

One dear fellow shared how he actually felt God’s arms around him as he had brain surgery. Let me confess that bit of conversation convicted me for my fear. After all, God gave me two eyes so even if his plan is not the outcome I hope for, at least He allows me a great left eye (and all those colorful eye patch options) in the end.

My incredible cousin is taking off work to help Chris get me back home afterward. My wonderful sons, grand daughters, family and friends are praying and asking how they can help. A dear friend even called from France to encourage me! My all-powerful and loving Father is hugging me all through it because He knows I’m basically a medical coward (even if I can’t feel His arms like Billy Ray did during his brain surgery, I will know they are there.)

DSC08031Often this week I think on the day I went into the operating theater with Inang, my friend from the village. The doctors let me wear surgical scrubs to hold her hand and translate their instructions as they did a procedure on her eye. I remember seeing her tiny little hand in mine and how brave she seemed in a scary situation so foreign to her. Now I think it was her lesson to me about trusting in our Heavenly Father.

Praise and Prayer Requests:

  • for God’s presence all the time and His working His plan
  • for the three wonderful doctors that helped find my problem
  • for the wonderful surgeon that will do the work next week
  • for all the family and friends who are willing to pray and help
  • for my trust in Him not to waver even for a nano second
  • for me to be a good patient and better witness

Jesus in His Eyes

I’m having a problem with my right eye and it’s making it almost impossible to continue long stints at the computer. It requires surgery next week, but more on that later. I’ll be sharing phenomenal updates from our co-workers until my eye heals enough to get back to blogging.

So, the eyes have it this month. I’ve been given permission to share this wonderful update from NTMA Pilot Joel Davis posted after he flew into our village. A link to his blog is at the bottom so be sure to check it for more.


We have all had times when you met someone or even saw them at a distance and without a word spoken, you could see Jesus living through them. These are two of the older guys in one of the tribal villages that I fly to on a regular basis.  Today I flew this guy in the blue bandana out and before we left our missionary snapped this photo of these two guys and sent it to me and it struck me….the stark contrast between these two guys’ eyes.

The one in the red bandana is a respected chief in this tribe, a solid believer and he is also becoming a friend of mine.  He always greets me when I land and even took me and my family out to one of his farms for a tribal picnic the last time I stayed there.  Our missionary told me that the guy in the blue bandana is still an animist, still lives in fear of the spirits, and so far has not accepted the truth of the Gospel. I am always so encouraged when I land in each of our tribal locations and look around and see Jesus all around me in the eyes of my brothers and sisters.  The Gospel has truly changed these tiny little corners of the earth and you can see it even in the eyes of those around us. It is always so evident to me that Christ lives in and through them but even more so when I see the eyes of those that don’t have the Light.  Please keep praying for the Gospel to keep flooding these dark corners of the earth and drawing people into the Light.

Under His Wings,


Link to Davis Photo Journal

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