Taste of Heaven?

Sending Church, Calvary Baptist

Some places on this earth feel as good as comfortable socks on a cool day.

These places are gifts of God for rest and refreshment for the soul. For our family, it’s Radford, Virginia.

To be honest, God gives our family a few of these places and we dearly love each of them, but maybe the one that we reach for the most from that “sock drawer” of spots on this side of heaven is Radford. We had the great privilege for an impromptu visit just last weekend. There was a bit of time before doctor visits take over our schedule. It took a last minute call to see if it would work out for us to pop in for just a day’s visit! A wonderful family keeps a room ready for us and once again they opened their doors for us where we crashed into the room we call “ours.”

Sunday morning we learned from God’s Word and croaked our songs out in English with beloved folk.

During evening service we shared of God’s work in the Philippines that we’ve had a part of for the past ten years – and gratefully accepted the prayers, hugs and ice cream afterwards.

Good ole Radford!

These moments are our faint glimpses into Heaven. His children gathering around the living Word, praising and worshipping God together.

If this feels so good here, can you even imagine Heaven?

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We serve the Lord in the beautiful state of West Virginia. We were missionaries with New Tribes Mission and served ten years on the island of Mindanao, Philippines. View all posts by Chris and Lynne Strange

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