The Direction

Path through the Village

Some aspects of living in the village were easy. We all walked one path from village to village. We didn’t wonder which way we’d go. We only had to decide which direction we would take.

In our attempt to openly share the bit of light in front of our path some of our friends are responding in confusion. That certainly is not our desire or intention. Truthfully, it’s just we only have a bit of light to our path – not floodlights of illumination.

We are very much still with New Tribes Mission. Our official status is Home Assignment where we are allowed to leave the field to share with our churches and supporters what God has done in the Philippines and what He allowed us a part in His work there. It’s a time to get home country medical treatment. It’s a time to be refreshed in our home culture, in our families and in our churches. It’s a time of work in our home countries – not vacation time as some have questioned. We are expected to travel and visit our supporters (and it’s loads of fun to catch up with family and friends) but we are expected by our government to continue mission work as usual. We hope this helps explain Home Assignment which used to be called furlough.

Chris has lost over 50 lbs! He still has bad days but the good days are happening more each week. The problem is a heavy load of bad bacteria in his digestive tract. He could not keep food in his body despite taking loads of yoghurt and probiotics! The docs have checked everything else and all the other numbers and lab work are very good, except that nasty bacteria. We anticipate getting some check ups here for him if he continues to feel bad. We are trying to learn how to do that here in NC with our insurance while on home assignment. We may have to travel to a place where we can get to a doctor that is on our insurance list… it’s SO CONFUSING to us now. Since we don’t know how this medical system works for the USA, we are still in a learning mode about it all after just over three weeks in the country.

Our mission is aware that we are in transition and we will set aside some time to talk with them soon about what is next for us. We are really hoping to rest and give Chris a chance to feel better. We are constantly seeking the Lord for guidance and direction. It would mean a lot if you would pray for us in that when the Lord brings us to mind. We are not at all clear about what to do next but are steadfast to wait until He has made something clear to us.

God is good and faithful all the time. He knows us and just how we are. We rest in Psalm 119: 105. This past week through our devotions we are made aware of His love and care for where we are in this journey.

Read this quote from “Seeking Daily the Heart of God”: “God’s will is not always a straight line, many times it requires deviation in direction. It may feel like three steps forward and two steps back. Following Jesus may seem like you tracked down a path that was not part of His plan. However, His plan is an adventure that cannot be confined to “point A to point B” thinking. God is so much more creative than to give us a predictable path that we can control. His keeps us trusting and praying. It keeps us looking to the Lord for direction and discernment…He knows you can’t handle His entire plan at once, so go with what He gives you. He doesn’t bless a perfect plan; He blesses obedience and trust. Go with what you know today, and trust Him with what you don’t know about tomorrow. God’s work is in the here and now. Reality is where you passionately pursue Him.”

That hit so close to home. We read that and thought it was just for us. We are praying daily to stay willing and getting ready for anything He sends our way. We are working hard at keeping it real and looking to Him alone while waiting for His direction. The waiting and the unknown is not an easy place to be but it certainly keeps us where He wants us..

Looking to Him.

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