Birthday Girl

God gives His children Joy!

Barely over jet lag, we piled stuff into the new car and made the trek to a very special birthday celebration. Our granddaughter, Jaiden, celebrated her ninth birthday and we were there!

I know there are fortunate ones that do this every year with their grandchildren but, for those of us serving overseas, it’s a rare and wonderous occasion. Your inner being gnaws with hunger for family. So it’s pure JOY to live in the moment right there with family.

We felt like we were living Jeremiah 31:12.

We thank the Lord for the timing of our Home Assignment and the gift of celebrating this special day with Jaiden and 4 other days just lapping up family time.  For our wonderful friends separated from family, we took the time to pray for your family-sized hunger pains and that God would grant you this gift in the future so you might sing songs to the heights of your home.

For the rest of us, REJOICE!

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