Like A Child

 I cherish Luke’s telling of Jesus’ desire to be with children. Like dutiful support personnel, the disciples were shooing away the exuberant little kids clamoring for His touch. They frowned at the parents and scolded them for pushing their little ones toward Him. The NLT version of Luke 18:16-17 says,          “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like these children. I tell you the truth, anyone who doesn’t receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it.” 

Wow. Never… NEVER! Strong words from our Savior.

(just a side note: It’s an interesting study to find the verses where Jesus says never.”)

New Tribes Mission Aviation is an organization of missionary pilots and their families dedicated to flying supplies and missionaries into our remote locations, specifically serving the NTM missionaries located around the world. We are uniquely fond of the ones serving God in the Philippines appreciating their excellence in professionalism and skill. It’s been a real pleasure building relationships as we load and unload the planes helping where we can to facilitate getting people and supplies in and out of our villages.

This week I had the privilege of enjoying extra special time with their children! NTMA had important meetings to work out issues serving the three largest islands here in the Philippines. They needed some uninterrupted time to discuss things as a team. I joined a group of ladies as “adult supervisors” for their wonderful children while they met.

There’s nothing like being around a BUNCH of children to glean a picture of what God is talking about. This time gave me that unique perspective – not just from the little children. Did I mention that two older Missionary Kids organized and executed the WHOLE THING? Games, crafts, quiet activities, run around crazy activities and all that goes with that were completely handled by two teen-aged children of a missionary family. Children. Exhibiting behavior like the ones required for inheriting the Kingdom of God.

Were they perfect? 😉

They were loving, forgiving, kind, orderly, excited, happy, free, attentive, active, creative, messy, thoughtful, obedient, careful, unencumbered, selfless (mostly, at times) helpful, contemplative, dirty, carefree, independent, unembarrassed, co-operative, loud, eager, bouncy, quiet, daring, clean-able, urgent, and every nuance of emotion and motion in-between!

Do you need to pray like me?  “Oh Lord, help me be as these. Squish me soft – manipulated out of my particular adult hardened shape into someone fit to receive and enter your Kingdom. Help me stay pliable and guard me from brittleness. Slide a pair of pipe-cleaner glasses over my eyes so I might, in awe, see how to approach you as these, eager for you. Help me bring my children for your touch. Embolden me against the ‘shush-ers.’ Thank you for loving even me. Amen.”


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