Diligence, Faith and Patience with Prayer

tropical gear at 10,500 feet

Now, it seems so anti-climatic. It wasn’t, believe me.

Thank you for praying for this airdrop. It was a huge blessing to get these supplies into the village after so many attempts. Chris and the incredible pilot, Joel Davis, would prepare early each morning with the hope of clear skies only to have it clear in the area of the hanger but cloud over the village or visa versa. They communicated with the friends in the village and with missionaries living in outlying areas that could update Joel on conditions over their villages, only to have conditions too fragile to complete the trip time and again.

You prayed. We prayed. Our brothers and sisters in the village prayed. We prepared. We waited. We prepared again. We waited again. We prepared again.

We had faith that God also wanted these supplies to reach the village. They did.

A friend sent us those words for our title upon hearing the supplies made it into the village. AMAZING!  These ups and downs often characterize our life here. In fact, it is the norm. We spend a lot of time planning and preparing and waiting and praying. And then doing it all over again the next day or next week or next month. For things we used to take for granted.

God answered today with allowing some holes to open up just enough to make the zig-zag trip through the clouds over above the strip. Chris said the cold was unbelievable and the wind especially hard on his ‘throwing arm.” He shoved the bags out of that open door as fast as he could while Joel maneuvered in and around the holes as the skies were not forgiving. Just imagine flying far over the jungle with this visibility out that open door.

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