Friends from our village in the hospital boarding house

“Inay Brin, Mahagsay ha masolom!”

My heart did a little leap when I read the “Good morning!” greeting on my phone screen last Friday. It’s only our friends in the village that call us “Amay” and “Inay Brin!”

They made the arduous trip from the jungle down the mountains into the city (around 10 hours travel) and were hoping to see us during their brief time at the hospital. We were quite sick ourselves but borrowed a car and bumped and jumbled ourselves over broken roads for the six hour trip to get some “face space” with our dear friends. As if parched, we drank up the news from our jungle home – new babies, deaths, sickness and hunger, families that have moved, school successes, Bible teaching, church meetings, joy, grief and a few, ‘I don’t know” trickled into the conversation.

Tuberculosis is making a steady comeback into our village and other villages in the jungle. The little boy pictured above tested postitive for TB and will receive medicine before they return. The older woman was still awaiting the results of her tests but was experiencing a general weakness and is unwell. The little girl is also waiting on her test results, the doctors suspecting TB. There are many sick in the village lacking the money to make the trip down to the hospital. Two of the village health workers are no longer living in our village and since moved away for family matters or duties outside the village. Supplies are low in the village first aid pharmacy and necessary paperwork for admittance into the hospital has run out. Food stored from last years harvest is pretty much gone. These lacked the funds to make it back home.

In the midst of the difficult, God blessed. Forgotten expressions due to our lack of use of the Banwaon language brought tears to the eyes and raucous laughter! Yes, some of the news filled our eyes fresh with grief but smiles, teasing and hugs wove gently around the sorrow and seeking, buffering our cherished time together.

Too soon it was all over.

They had to go back to the hospital and we had to leave for the trip back up the mountain to our town home. The plan was for them to leave the next morning if all the results could be read by the doctors. We think it happened as we didn’t hear from them after our visit.

We’ve scheduled a supply flight that will airdrop some of the needed items on the airstrip near the village this week. Our airstrip is still banned for a landing, so I (Lynne) will take a trip overland by motorcycle as soon as possible. Chris’ back will not allow him to make that trip by motorbike and there is no other way available since the boat was broken in the last storm.

Please pray:

  • for those in the village that are too sick or poor to make it out for hospital care
  • for Inay Daday, the village health worker that is left alone to care for these
  • for the Bible teachers to be encouraged and refreshed in His Word as they teach each week
  • for the people to gather enough food from the jungle to strengthen their bodies
  • for the flight coming up this week to go smoothly in the season of bad weather
  • for the people to continue looking to God for comfort and help
  • for plans to come together for Lynne’s trip into the jungle

We thank you and on behalf of our dear brothers and sisters as well for your faithful prayers in these concerns. Thank you for your financial support of our ministry that help us minister to these brothers and sisters of yours in the rainforest. You are each a part of what God is doing here.

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