I love how God speaks to me through the beauty of his creation. You can imagine my gasp as I glanced out the window and saw this magnificent butterfly. Grabbing our camera, I scuttled out the door and crept upon him mingling among the giant yellow trumpets behind the house. It just lingered there around the beautiful bush, seemingly for me to admire it and collect photo after photo. It effortlessly lit upon the blossoms never bothered by my intrusion. I clicked away capturing this incredible sight, grateful for a moment of unexpected beauty. God planned a lesson for me that morning.

Viewing through the camera lens, I watched the beautiful butterfly haltingly stretch out his wings in a unique stance. Excitedly I thought, “Ooh, something different is happening!” I watched amazed as the wings remained spread and the butterfly seemed to float slowly downward from it’s blossom. I couldn’t quite see clearly enough through the lens but just kept clicking shots as the weird activity continued, convinced I was witnessing something exceptional of butterflies. Instead I was witnessing something of life. And of death. ‘My’ beautiful butterfly twitched his last there in those lovely flowers. This carefree butterfly failed to distinguish the gorgeous spider camouflaged among the blossoms.

God reminded me real danger can appear appetizing. I remembered the warning found in Matthew 7:15. False prophets come disguised but in reality are vicious! Much like the spider disguised as a nourishing flower, false prophets inject poison that paralyzes the unwary.  God’s warning flashed bright red anew. Caution and discernment must be exercised when listening to messages masquerading as teaching from Scripture. False doctrines literally spew poison from so called Christian programming and unwary believers are snared. Friends, learn with me this lesson from the spider and the butterfly. Let’s study the Bible, our true authority on God’s revelation, and allow God to raise those red flags of warning when you hear anyone twisting the Truth.


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We serve the Lord in the beautiful state of West Virginia. We were missionaries with New Tribes Mission and served ten years on the island of Mindanao, Philippines. View all posts by Chris and Lynne Strange

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