Awana Day

Feeding the Awana Kids of Mt. Moriah

Feeding the Awana Kids of Mt. Moriah

Awana! It’s amazing to watch 350+ kids line up for a delicious and nutritious meal after hours of running and jumping, screaming and clapping and, amazingly, quietly sitting to hear God’s Word for them.


Awana Clubs International brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ to kids. Lots and lots of kids. It’s a beautiful thing to witness and even more beautiful to participate. We visited one such club recently and the noise brought a smile to our faces even before we saw the room full of children. I stepped inside the vibrating building just to grab a few photos and video because we had a specific task to do. We were there to volunteer in the feeding of 300+ children after all the activity and teaching was finished.

God is using the directors, friends of ours since coming to the Philippines ten years ago, in such an amazing way and they serve tirelessly – well, that’s not correct. They are tired. But they are also extremely blessed to be able to reach these children before they are trapped in the path of poverty that leads to desperation that leads to crime and ultimately jail. Yes, you read that correctly. Children in jail.

The plight of street children of the Philippines is well documented in film and print for any that care to look it up. God urged this family to get out of the church pew and do something. They did. God built a tremendous ministry for them from seven children to 300+.. a proper count possible only in the bowls and cups of food as they politely file past the table for their serving. I prayed for them today knowing that there are countless others around the world giving the Gospel to children that their society ignores until it costs them – ranging from being a nuisance to causing harm.

The goal of the directors is to break the chain that drags them from abandoned or disadvantaged to jail. They want to allow God to make a difference before they become someone’s jail ministry. And thanks to God, He is making that difference. We are humbled to volunteer some of our time to help.  They encourage church teams to come for projects or even to do the program for a short time offering much needed break to the staff. Feel the need to build something? Plumb something? Teach something? Feed someone? You will return home blessed and enriched.

We’ll happily be a connection to the program if you’d like to contact us of the urge God has put upon your hearts.

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