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Chris Teaching 4th Grade

Chris Teaching 4th Grade

Once a week Chris is greeted enthusiastically with “Good morning Pastor Chris!” by approximately thirty little 4th graders. It’s a highlight of our week when we volunteer as substitute teachers for a Bible Story and singing at a small school in the area. The children are attentive and eager to hear about the stories God has preserved for us in the Bible. They love hearing about the giants and the mighty things people did when they obeyed God. Singing is loud and joyous and we get to learn new ways to act out the “sweet sweet love of Jesus.” Many of these little ones come from extremely poor homes. The most malnourished receive a special meal after the teaching and treatment for tuberculosis while the others play outside. We understand that for those, it’s their only nutritious meal of the day.

God stretches us to serve in ways we never dreamed when we trained and came to the field ten years ago. The most repeated phrase during training was, “be flexible.” Sometimes we feel like we are shaped like pretzels inside! Yet we look at the faces so eager to hear what we have come to say about our Father, God, and marvel at what He must be doing in these hearts. We pray for them to take in the truths of the stories and songs so that one day they respond to the gospel. They are so grateful for that hour that we give to themand we are grateful to have the opportunity to be a small part of their lives.

A financial blessing from a North Carolina Women’s mission group provided pens, pencil holders and paper for the students and erasers and chalk for the teachers in this little school. The box of supplies are on the way from America as I type this. Thank you so much for being willing to sacrifice for them.


It might be heaven before you actually meet any of them but we trust God will urge you to remember to lift these little ones that are just hearing about Him. Pray that nothing will snatch away the enthusiasm so evident in their eyes to learn new things about the God that loves them so much and that soon their eternity will be secure in His salvation. Their riches or circumstances on this earth may never be at lot different from what they now know, but with Heaven in their future – well, He makes all the difference!

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