over the airstrip

We are becoming well acquainted with airdropping supplies into our village. Since our airstrip was condemned last year, we have not been able to get supplies into our village except by airdrop. Learning to pack for the airdrops was a learning curve since Chris is the one that gets to shuffle the bags out the open door of the plane and we wanted bundles to actually make it unharmed.


Yes, you got that right. The flight requires that the door is removed so the ‘dropper’, namely Chris, can quickly eject them as the plane travels the length of the airstrip.

We’ve learned a bit about packing for that sort of flight as well. Since Chris has to pull the supplies across his body and drop them out that open door, we have to pack in a maximum weight of ten kilo bags. Breakables like medicines must be covered in foam or scrunched newspaper to keep the bottles from exploding when dropped fifty feet from the air at 50 mpg. We’ve exploded a few bottles learning this. Letters flutter far away unless sheathed in cardboard and inserted into a heavy bag.

We’ve been told that it’s the most exciting and dangerous part of the pilots’ job. Chris attests to this.

We’ve one such flight this morning. Supplies wait in the plane along with Chris and Joel at the hanger for the weather to clear. I’m praying clouds lift so the trip can continue today getting much needed supplies to our friends.

imagine flying here without the door

They are too busy to get photos of that part of the trip so you’ll have to settle for these boring ones of us packing.

OK, so every job isn’t exciting.

QUICK UPDATE: The flight wasn’t successful as the clouds closed in and didn’t allow for the drop. Will try again in a week or so! Thanks for praying. (also I added some pictures from the flight!)

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