Hungry Time

rice harvest 013

Our dear friends in the village report a poor harvest this year. The heavy rains and earth tremors that ruined our airstrip are a joint threat to their harvest. We barely had a dry season this year which translates into a late start in burning and planting the land and a poor growing season.
Recent text messages have been spotty because the signal is very weak in our village. The news there has been difficult to hear as we wait here for a trip into the high mountain area. With that in mind, we are investigating a new way and would appreciate your prayers along those lines. I can’t give too many details here but it would be a brand new travel experience for me (Lynne). The communication to get that worked out has been difficult. The activity among those that wish to harm is high just now. While that news doesn’t cancel the plans for my going in, it does increase the need to have all the details ironed out as much as humanly possible.

We also heard a friend has had to make the difficult trip to the hospital because he was very weak and getting weaker. Amay Brayan was admitted into the hospital in a nearby city with a diagnosis of cirrhosis of the liver. Our hearts go out to the family and we count them as close friends. Our plan was to visit very soon to check on him and his family, but news came that he has gone home to be with the Lord.

Pray for the village and people in the surrounding jungle as they do the best to store and protect their meager harvest of rice. Pray that they might find other food abundant in the jungle to support their diet.

The beautiful expressions of our friends regarding their trust in the Lord for each difficulty they find in their lives glorify our Father. They simply said, “There are difficulties here and we are missing you very much. Our trust is in the Lord for everything.”

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