Up in the Air

Chris in HeliChris is flying high — in the new helicopter! He was recently traveling through all three regions of NTM ministry when he had the opportunity to cruise the skies above Luzon.

Our chief pilot, Martin Burnham and his wife Gracia served the Lord here and among their captors until his death. Since that time the NTM flight program in the Philippines was grounded. God answered our prayers by sending over pilots and their families and we are full of praise to God for each region has functioning NTM flight programs again.

This wonderful tool helps missionaries travel to and from our remote locations. Some have not been able to return to  villages in over a year. Land is getting almost impossible to obtain permission for airstrips in new locations and expenses are quickly prohibitive in some of our established locations. God has enabled the northern region of the Philippine field to use a helicopter to meet that need.

Two helicopter pilots and four fixed wing pilots are flying or preparing to fly in the very near future. We thank God for them and ask for prayers for these families that were challenged to serve the Lord here. Our locations are not easy and the risks are high. We are certainly grateful when we look up to see the familiar “red and white” dotting the skies and now we have this new silhouette to rejoice about! R44-in-action-1024x480

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We serve the Lord in the beautiful state of West Virginia. We were missionaries with New Tribes Mission and served ten years on the island of Mindanao, Philippines. View all posts by Chris and Lynne Strange

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