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A recurring theme here in our blog is how man can make their plans, but God directs the steps. A medical missionary team was heading to another country for 14 days and just as they were finalizing their trip, word came that the government would not permit them to enter the country. So what do you do when you have a 30 member team with scheduled time off, packed and ready to go?

God worked some amazing connections out for that team to minister right here in our neighborhood! We caught wind of their willingness to help indigenous people so a quick phone text to our friends there in the village was the catalyst to begin an arduous trip out of the jungle into town and back. Seven patients were able to make it out of the jungle to join 3000 people needing help. We hoped that patients with cataracts would be the ones making the trip, but the screening process broke down. However, we trust God had just the right folk to make it all the way into town.

One surgery was required for the oldest patient (a dear lady over 80 years old, as best as we can guess). There were old stitches working their way out of her eye from a previous surgery as well as encapsulated lens. She was very happy to have better vision immediately after they removed her eye patch. The rest of the patients were given exams and corrective lenses. My good friend pictured here only has one eye. We so hoped a surgery would help her regain her vision again in her good eye. After her exam, the doctors felt surgery could put her at risk of even more reduced vision, so they fitted her with bifocals. Anyone making that adjustment can attest how frustrating that can be! She felt miserable.

We printed out a page of her Scripture so she might practice using them. The last night of their stay, she was thrilled to tell me how wonderful it was to be able to read Scripture again in her own language! She had practiced that evening until she found just the right spot to have the words focused, allowing her to read again for the first time in years.

We praise the Lord for all He is doing in physical help as they wait for their New Testament. He provided some funds for their long trip here and back as well as some promised funds to help cover their expenses here in town and the trip back. The doctors and team themselves gave to help rent a van one way as the buses were packed due to holiday travel. Splitting this group up for 10 additional travel hours would not have been a good option.

It was wonderful to see their faces as they could see clearer again and realize God is using many people to enable these folk to travel for this help. We are grateful as are our Banwaon friends. Please pray. The Medical Missionary International team is asking the Lord about bringing a team back in the future to operate right in our village.

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