Sometimes We Fail

Cloudy Lessons

The morning passed molasses slow.

Usually a steady stream of folk flows by our house as early as five o’clock – especially when Chris is out of the tribe – and it is often ten o’clock before I realize it. My friends endeavor to keep my mind off the fact that Chris is gone. However, it was not like that.

The minute hand stubbornly crept on the clock face and I realized that I was chewing my nails. Disgruntled mutterings interrupted the conversations I was having with my Father. The words ‘trust’ and ‘yield’ drifted around my thoughts and prayers along with the apologies for doubt and anxiety over the things I cannot control. What was different this morning? What threw me into discontent? Clouds. Only clouds.

A flight was due and I had to operate the radio until the small plane lands and leaves again. The pilot was waiting for me to report if the mountain ridges were clear, yet they seemed determined to hide their heads deep in the fluff. Except for the ever-present children who often forget I cannot leave the radio, not one of my neighbors dropped by.

Chris was to fly back into the tribe after being in town two weeks for health checks. I had not been able to hear how those checks were going and now clouds were rolling in and threatening to keep him from coming home. Time seemingly stopped on purpose until the gray sky was thick as soup. I prayed, waited, and chewed my nails.

I expected to have Chris’ flight day clear like my prayers had requested. I expected God to keep the clouds away and the wind still. Instead, I had another lesson from the Lord to my heart – I was failing the exam. My expectations interrupted my peace from Him. He was showing me that I failed to put aside MY expectations for the day for HIS better plan. He was showing me how pointless it is to feel anxious about things over which I have no control. He revealed how even clouds could shake my faith.

Praise God:

  • for putting a hole in the clouds for the plane to land
  • for being patient with His children when they fail

Pray for us:

  • to stand firm in our faith, no matter what
  • to trust His timing for everything
  • grow from our mistakes
  • to wait ON Him instead of setting up expectations FOR Him

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We serve the Lord in the beautiful state of West Virginia. We were missionaries with New Tribes Mission and served ten years on the island of Mindanao, Philippines. View all posts by Chris and Lynne Strange

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